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Sustainability in Glassblowing

Here at iDab Glass we are always conscious of the impact that our line of work has on our environment. With torches and kilns and power running all week long during peak consumption hours, we do our best to offset that resource use by creating high quality, expertly crafted works of functional glass dab rigs, tubes, carb caps, dabbers, bowls, slides, and more that are sure to last for many years to come. Every piece of glass that we produce is created from the highest quality starting materials, and individually inspected to ensure they all meet our grand standards. By employing American glass artists and by making solid, durable smoking and dabbing tools, iDab Glass is doing our part to...

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Why German Schott Glass?

It makes sense, right? If you want the terpiest dabs, you need top quality starting material. So if you want the finest quality glassware for enjoying those terps, it also makes sense to shop for an affordable iDab Glass dab rig or tube, crafted right here in Southern California from high-quality German Schott Glass. Experience the difference.Experience iDab Glass.

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